Interview: Hinds

Hinds is a band from Madrid existing of Carlotta Cosials (vocals, guitar), Ana Perrote (vocals, guitar), Ade Martin (bass) and Amber Grimbergen (drums). We spoke to Carlotta and Ade about the recent release of their second album ‘I Don’t Run’ and their way up to here.

Hinds are very excited about touring with their new album, and the fans seem to be too. Carlotta tells us they started touring very close after their album release, so they didn’t actually expect many people to know the new songs. They’ve been proven wrong, at all their shows people have been singing, dancing and sweating along, according to Carlotta. From Hinds’ first release until now, the girls have evolved a lot. “We were babies when we first started”, Carlotta says. What she means is that in the meantime they have grown up a lot. In a way they have become more serious, but that’s not how Carlotta likes to put it. She explains their growing up as them gaining confidence, which allows them to “mess up more, and get more into trouble”. They have become braver when playing, not afraid of making mistakes. This gives them a different intensity when they are playing live, which is definitely a big part of their charm. Carlotta explains ‘I Don’t Run’ as a reflection on themselves. Before the writing process of ‘I Don’t Run’, Hinds had been touring for two years. “In one day of touring, you experience what you would normally do in three days”, Carlotta says. Meaning that they had an excessive amount of inspiration for their next album at that point. “For ‘I Don’t Run’, we put in everything we could, every little bit of creativity we had inside is in this album,” she further explains.

Ade and Carlotta both started making music from a pretty young age. Ade was pushed to play an instrument, because her mother always regretted never learning to play an instrument. So Ade started without thinking about it much. “After a while I started liking it, then I started  loving it and now I’m in a band touring all over the world, so I don’t know what’s next!” she says. Carlotta started off playing piano and after trying the violin and drums, she found herself in playing guitar. She says she was never any good, even when she met Ana and started Hinds (they were going by the name Deers back then). Carlotta explains that Ana has been her biggest role model when playing music. They started when they went on a trip to the Spanish coast and they just played together. No judgement at all, especially since they were both still learning a lot in playing guitar. This allowed them to start playing more and failing more, eventually leading to being in a successful band and releasing their second album! Together as a band they were inspired by the Spanish music scene. Bands like The Parrots and Los Nastys have been very influential for them.

The Spanish music scene is not very hard to break into. Ade explains the Spanish music scene as a fishbowl. She says that once a band becomes a big band in Spain, they’re going to be around forever. They will be playing on every single festival and they will be on the cover of every single magazine for the next ten years. So once you get to that level you’re there, but to get there is very difficult. She explains that Spanish people don’t really know how to be open towards new bands. They need insurance that a band is going to work, so they will never trust a band with only two singles, for example. Hinds has been on one cover in Spain so far, so they’re hopeful to receive the immortality status.

An entirely new album does not stop Hinds from playing older songs in their shows. They have simply made their setlists longer. Playing longer shows does not change much for their energy level during the show, they say. Ade says she enjoys it so much it doesn’t matter that it is so much longer. However, they do say that before and after shows they’re much more tired than ever. But their pre-gig ritual of playing music really loud, dancing, cheering up and warming up gives them the extra energy they need to play a super energetic live show. Which they manage to do every time.


During their show at Bitterzoet, we couldn’t help but sing, dance and sweat along. Every ounce of energy is thrown into their performance, it is very clear that this band loves what they do and that is why they are loved in return. Catch them at Best Kept Secret Festival on the 10th of June to sing, dance and sweat like we did in Bitterzoet.

Words: Natasja Bökkerink and Wies Kruisdijk

Photos: Willem Schalekamp



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