Laatste show Stream Of Passion in Nederland

Aan alles komt een einde. Helaas ook aan Stream Of Passion. Na elf jaar houdt de metalband rond de Mexicaanse zangeres Marcela Bovio op te bestaan. Op 2 september vindt het laatste Nederlandse concert plaats in P60 in Amstelveen. De show in P60 zal worden vastgelegd op video en op DVD uitgebracht.

Kaarten kosten €12,50 en zijn verkrijgbaar via de website van het poppodium.

Website P60

Foto: Marcela Bovio, P60 2006

De band kwam met het volgende statement:

Dear friends and fans,

Over the past eleven years we’ve had the time of our lives playing in stages all over the world and sharing moments of joy on stage. But all good things come to an end, and we feel it’s time to move on and search for new musical challenges. We’re proud of everything we’ve achieved, with your help, and we want to end the band history on a high note instead of losing focus, interest and drive.

Before parting ways as a band we will perform a few goodbye shows; we also want to record a DVD to serve as a memento of the good times we’ve had. Dates are as follows:

Aug 26, 2016: Zebra Festival, Gemert (NL)

Sep 2, 2016: P60, Amstelveen (NL) (DVD recording)

Sep 7, 2016: ProgPower USA XVII, Atlanta GA (USA)

Oct 13, 2016: Underworld, London (UK)

Oct 14, 2016: Bierkeller, Bristol (UK)

Oct 15, 2016: Classic Grand, Glasgow (UK)

Oct 16, 2016: Robin 2, Bilston (UK)

We’re also looking into adding an extra, final show towards the end of the year; more details to follow.

Once again, we’d like to express our eternal gratitude for the support you’ve given us all these years. All of us will continue to make music, one way or the other; so we still hope to see you soon on a stage near you.

Thank you for being part of the wonderful adventure that has been Stream of Passion!

Marcela, Johan, Eric, Steve, Jeffrey, Martijn



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